Mountain rescue

students abseiling down dorton mansion house

In January 2017, RSBC merged with the Royal London Society for Blind People (RLSB). Although we are now called RSBC, there may be some references to RLSB in the following article.

A story from our archives of living life without limits…

These blind and partially sighted students from Dorton were taking part in a mountain rescue demonstration from the top of the heady heights of the mansion house in Kent.

They even showed how a climber with a disability could be lowered on a stretcher from the parapet of the building to the carpark below.

The young men learnt the skills after taking part in climbing exercises on weekends in the Breacon Beacons in Wales, with students from Trinity School in Croydon.

In an article published about the feat, the writer said: “What was impressive about the demonstration was the certainty with which both the blind and sighted boys handled their equipment. There was no hurry. Checks were made methodically. The whole affair radiated the same quiet confidence as the airline pilot’s cockpit check. The atmosphere was relaxed – almost leisurely.”

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