My Head

A print version of the my head poem

In 1968, 9-year-old Peter Wiles tapped into his creative spirit and penned a a poem about his head!

The poem was published in school publication RLSB Review. Read on…

My Head
Inside my head
There is a machine for stopping teeth from aching,
There is a machine for doing away from dentists;
There is an octopus to stop my Mum from turning off the television.

There is also a cat that loves water,
There is a magic glue to hold your feet on the floor,
And a real car that costs a shilling,
And a swimming pool to myself.

Isn’t it lovely to have a head,
Because if you didn’t
You wouldn’t be able to
Speak, hear or see.

Peter Wiles
Aged 9 years

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