Residential club for blind men thanks to legacy

The front of Halstead House

In 1952 a residential club for blind men was set up thanks to a very generous legacy from Mr Harry Halstead.

Here’s an article about the generous gift…

Legacy provides a home

For some years the Royal Society for the Blind were able only to provide a residential club for its women workers. This large house at 32 The Avenue, NW6 met a real need, and without it the young women who home it is would find it difficult to take advantage of the training or employment offered at Salusbury Road.

Now, thanks to a very generous legacy left to us by the late Mr Harry Halstead, of Burney, 63 Christchurch Avenue, NW6, has been brought into use as a residential club for blind men employed at the Society’s headquarters.

Halstead House, as it has been so appropriately named, is a bright, modern building which has been very well equipped and is ideally suited for the purpose for which it has been adapted.

It is within easy walking distance of Salusbury Road, and the blind men are grateful for the opportunity to live in congenial surroundings so near their work.

These two residential clubs are valuable additions to the facilities provided by the Society but, at the same time, they add to the Council’s financial problems. They are necessities which have to be provided at substantial cost, and can only be maintained by the generous cooperation of our friends.

RLSB would like to take this opportunity to remember and thank all its long term supporters and those who leave gifts in their wills. It is an invaluable way of ensuring we can work in the best way for the blind and partially sighted young people that we are here to serve.

If you are interested in learning more about leaving a gift in your will, please have a look at our legacies page.

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