Tenth school reunion

A screenshot of notes about the reunion

On 15 October, 95 years ago, former students of RLSB gathered for the tenth annual reunion. Have a read of an account of the event.

The tenth reunion of old pupils of the School for the Blind, Swiss Cottage, took place on Saturday and proved one of the most successful gatherings of its kind that had ever been at the school.

Mr Arthur Ball, Chairman of the After Care Committee, welcomed the guests who numbered over eighty and presided over the meeting in the Concert Hall.

“The year” said Mr Ball, “has been one of quiet progress and though there is nothing sensational to report, there is much that is satisfactory. Since the last reunion, five cases have been carefully considered and dealt with by the Committee.

“The smallness of the number is, in itself, a sign that things are going well with our old pupils. Mr Hooper, our oldest pupil, from whom a letter expressing his affection for the old School was read at last Reunion has died during the year at the great age of 84. This year we have received an interesting letter from Miss Turner, aged 80. She has been confined to her bed for 20 years, and so is unable to attend, but sends greetings to all.

“In January a concert was held in aid of the After Care Fund, which raised over £21.” Mr Ball then went on to speak of the great quantity of important work which was being undertaken by the School in its various trade departments.

A short concert by the present pupils, under the direction of Mr T C Osborne, FRCO, greatly delighted the audience, and was followed by an impromptu concert by the old pupils themselves. After this a good opportunity was given for social intercourse and the renewing of old acquintanceships, to be followed in its turn by a tea which, though suffering from war restrictions seemed none the less acceptable to the many guests.

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