The Blackbird

The outside of Dorton House

In January 2017, RSBC merged with the Royal London Society for Blind People (RLSB). Although we are now called RSBC, there may be some references to RLSB in the following article.

In 1958, the RLSB Review published a poem by 11-year-old Joan Brown.

The Blackbird

I know a little blackbird,
Who sits by our garden wall.
She made her nest inside a tree,
The highest of all.
I’ve made a little bird table,
And placed it in the ground,
And when I put the crumbs on,
She comes without a sound.
And then she sits upon her tree,
Singing a little song to me.
I like to hear her every day,
Singing in the month of May.

Joan Brown

Class 6, 11-years-old

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