The D.B.C.

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In January 2017, RSBC merged with the Royal London Society for Blind People (RLSB). Although we are now called RSBC, there may be some references to RLSB in the following article.

Earlier this week we published an article about the founding of Dorton Broadcasting Corporation, which was set up by a band of students in the early 1950s.

Now we feature a piece by one of the early members of DBC, 15-year-old Leslie Robinson, published in 1952. But first, listen to a recreation of the first episode of DBC, by Leslie.

The D.B.C.

“Readers may remember, from my article of last year, how the D.B.C. (Dorton Broadcasting Corporation) began as a piece of string stretched from one point to another, with a tun attached to each end, and how it gradually developed towards our present standard.

“My father gave me a couple of radio sets and other bits of equipment, and I purchased an ex-army set from a radio amateur with whom my friend Donald Cooper has had a long acquantance. The ex-army set is a nin-vavle one, and can pick up stations from all parts of the globe.

“It is intended to be listened to by headphones, but when I couple it up to an amplifier I can use it for our broadcasting. You may also remember my telling of how we ran Mike lines from one part of the building to another for broadcasting, but the venture lacked one important thing, and that was organisation of programme, so we decided to do something about it.

“On the evening of November 26th [1950] we met in Class Two room, after tea, those present being Michael Chambers, David Morris, Brian Payne, Nicholas Wells and myself. We agreed to start the corporation. The idea was not a new one, since the seniors had done it before, but it was now dying, in their case…

“…We have had a good many broadcasts since then, including many musical programmes of gramaphone records. Among these are Top Twenty, personal record programmes, a particular band on records, and the most popular of all, Dorton Favourites, for which listeners send in the addresses and favourite tunes of their parents, and we do our best to grant their wishes. We have quite a large number of records in the library now, mostly dance music, jazz and swing.

“Our two latest broadcasts ended with a blow-up and in one case there was such an accident event before the broadcast began. But in spite of these upsets, and others of all sorts of the work of The DBC continues.”

Read a recent article by Leslie about his Dorton days.

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