The Industrial Building

The outside of the industrial workshop building

In January 2017, RSBC merged with the Royal London Society for Blind People (RLSB). Although we are now called RSBC, there may be some references to RLSB in the following article.

A snippet from an RLSB publication in 1951, telling the history of RLSB’s industrial arm in north London.

105-109 Salursbury Road, London, NW6.

This structure, one of the finest Industrial Buildings in the country, was completed in the Summer of 1938. On the 4th July it was formally opened by the Rt Hon Walter Elliot PC MP, then Minister of Health under the chairmanship of the late Lord Blanesburgh.

It contains large Workshops for Basket Making, Shoe Repairing and Mattress Making, Workrooms for Flat and Circular Machine Knitting and Clerical Offices for the main Adminsitrative staff of the Society.

A large and well-appointed garage provides for the housing and maintenance of a dozen commercial vehicles. An excellent canteen provides meals for about 250 staff and workers and gives a suitable Hall for concerts, dances and other social functions.

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