What I’d Like To Be

A cope of What I'd like to be poem

In 1975, eight year-old Gary Ellis wrote a poem about what he’d like to be when he grew up. The piece gives an insight into how the child expected his life to be.

What I’d Like To Be
I’d like to be a doctor and cure sick people.
I’d check that they were better,
When they had been so ill.

I’d like to be a milkman, and drive a little milk float.
I’d collect empty bottles from off the people’s doorsteps.

I’d like to be a postman, and ride a bicycle.
I’d post the letters into the house where they belong.

I’m just a little boy now,
I’m eight years, seven months old,
I cannot be a milkman, a doctor, or a postman.
A telephone operator is what I am going to be.

Gary Ellis, aged 8

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